Fine Structure:

    Item type          How many?                 How long?        Renewals         latefee/day
    Books                   20                           2 weeks               1                    $  .20
    Audiobooks          5 adult, 5 child        2 weeks               1                    $  .20
    Music CDs            3 adult, 5 child        2 weeks               1                    $  .20
    DVDs                   3                              3 days                 1                    $1.00
    Video Games       1                              7 days                 1                    $1.00
    VG Manual           1                              7 days                 1                    $ .20
Renewals:Patrons are allowed two (2) renewals, barring outstanding reserves. After renewals are
exhausted, items must be placed on the shelf for thirty (30) days before they may be re-checked by
the same patron.
Security Card Fine: Borrowers are responsible for returning security cards. Borrowers will be
charged $1.00 for each missing card.
Damaged Materials: Fines are assessed according to the extent of the damage.
Reserved Materials: The library will hold reserved materials for 24 hours after the patron has been
Materials Not Returned: It is in violation of City Ordinance for any person to willfully retain any
library material. The City will engage in a reasonable correspondence related to materials not
returned. Correspondence and legal action will be in compliance with the Troy Municipal Code.

Unpaid Fines:

The library reserves the right to refuse to check out materials to any borrower until fines
are paid. An expired card may not be renewed unless all fines are paid.
Adopted: 09/02/2008
Updated: 04/04/2019
Troy Public Library
Board of Trustees