Troy Public Library Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary loan is offered to all registered borrowers in good standing of the Troy Public Library.   
Interlibrary loan is transacted only from library to library.  Individual patrons from other libraries should
request this service from their own library.

To request a book you will need the author, title and if possible, the year of publication.  Subject
requests are also accepted.

To request a periodical article you will need the title of the journal, date, page numbers, author and title
of the article. The source of the information must also be included (index, bibliography, etc.)

To avoid delays, fill out the forms as completely as possible.  Please do not use abbreviations.  If you
don’t have all of the information, we will still try to fill your request, but may not be successful.   

Materials which may be borrowed:

A loan or a copy of any material may be requested from another library, but the lending library will
decide in each case whether or not a particular item can be provided.

Most libraries will not ordinarily lend the following types of materials:

Newly published materials
Old, rare or valuable material
Reference and genealogical material
Audio and videocassettes, sound recordings, and motion picture films
Entire issues of periodicals
Material in high demand at the lending library, curriculum material, including textbooks
Scripts, screenplays, libretti, and scores
Multi-volume sets

Library users are encouraged to return materials at the end of the loan period so that materials are not
absent from the lending library for an unreasonable length of time. Renewals are only permitted if the
lending library allows such an extension. Requests to renew an item must be submitted two days in
advance of the due date for the item. Materials received through interlibrary loan may not be renewed
or requested again for at least six months.
Failure to pick up interlibrary loan materials:
Library users who request an item via interlibrary loan and fail to pick it up upon notification by a library
staff member will be assessed a fee of $3.00 for each unclaimed item, in addition to any fees or
charges assessed by the lending library.
Borrowing fees and overdue fines:
The Troy Public Library will make every effort to request materials from those libraries who do not
charge for lending their materials. Many libraries, however, are now charging for lending materials from
their collections. Library users are responsible for any charges applied by the lending library including
photocopy charges, postage for the loan of microfilm or microfiche, overdue fines, or fees for damaged
or lost materials. Library staff will make every effort to notify the library user as to any fees that will be
assessed by the lending library. If lending charges are not paid at the time the material is picked up,
they will be attached to the user's circulation record and handled in the same manner as fines and
other charges.
Overdue fines and charges for lost or damaged materials:
A $.20 per day per item overdue fine will be assessed for interlibrary loan materials that are returned
past their due date. The library user also is responsible for any charges assessed by the lending
library for damage to an interlibrary loan item. If an interlibrary loan item is lost, the library user will be
responsible for the cost of the item, plus a $5.00 non-refundable processing fee.