Sleeping Beauties, by Stephen King -
In this spectacular father/son collaboration,
Stephen and Owen King tell the highest of
high-stakes tales: what might happen if women
disappeared from the world of men?
The Cuban Affair, by Nelson DeMille -
One day, Mac is sitting in the famous Green Parrot Bar in Key West, contemplating his
life, and waiting for Carlos, a hotshot Miami lawyer heavily involved with anti-Castro
groups. Carlos wants to hire Mac and
The Maine for a ten-day fishing tournament to
Cuba at the standard rate, but Mac suspects there is more to this and turns it down. The
price then goes to two million dollars, and Mac agrees to hear the deal. What he learns
is that there is sixty million dollars hidden in Cuba, and it's only a matter of time before
someone finds the stash. Mac knows that if he accepts this job, he'll walk away rich...or
not at all.
Crime Scene, by Jonathan Kellerman -
Eccentric, reclusive Walter Rennert lies cold at the bottom of this stairs. At forst glance
the scene looks straightforward: a once-respected psychology professor, done in by
booze and a bad heart. But his daughter Tatiana insists that her father has been
murdered, and she persuades deputy coroner Clay Edison to take a closer look at the
grim facts of Rennert's life. What emerges is a history of scandal and violence, and an
experiment gone horribly wrong.
Don't Let Go, by Harlan Coben-
Suburban New Jersey Detective Napoleon "Nap" Dumas hasn't beent the same since
senior year of high school, when his twin brother Leo and Leo's girlfriend Diana were
found dead on the railroad tracks - and Maura, the girlNap considered the love of his
life, broke up with him and disappeared without explanation. For fifteen years, Nap has
been searching, for both Maura and for the real reason behind his brother's death.
And now, it looks as though he may finally find what he's been looking for.
The Romanov Ransom, by Clive Cussler -
in 1918, a ransom of enormous size was paid to free the Romanov's from the
Bolsheviks, but, as history know, the Romanovs died anyway. And the ransom? During
WWII, the Nazis stole it from the Russians, and after that...it vanished. Until now. When
a modern day kidnapping captures the attention of Sam and Remi Fargo, the couple
soon learn that these long-lost riches may be back in play, held in trust by the
descendants of a Nazi guerrilla faction called the Werewolves. It is their mission to
establish the Fourth Reich, and their time is coming soon.