House of Spies, by Daniel Silva -
From the New York Times bestselling author
comes a heart stopping tale of suspense as
Gabriel Allen is back, and out for revenge. He is
determined to hunt down the world's most
dangerous terrorist, a shadowy ISIS mastermind
known only as Saladin.
Spoonbenders, by Daryl Gregory -
Teddy Telemachus is a charming con man with a gift for sleight of hand. In need of cash,
he tricks his way into a classified study about telekinesis. There he meets Maureen
McKinnon, a genuine psychic of immense and mysterious power. After a whirlwind
courtship, they marry, have three gifted children, and become the Amazing Telemachus
Family, performing astounding feats across the country. Then on night tragedy strikes,
leaving the family shattered.  
Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz -
When editor Susan Ryeland is given the manuscript of Alan Conway's latest novel, she
has no reason to think it will be much different from any of his others. But Conway's
latest tale has Atticus Pund investigating a murder at Pye Hall, a local manor house.
Yes, there are dead bodies and a host of intriguing suspects, but the more Susan
reads, the more she's convinced that there is another story hidden in the pages of the
manuscript: one of real-life jealousy, greed, ruthless ambition, and murder.
Camino Island, by John Grisham -
There's trouble in the sleepy resort town of Santa Rosa on Camino Island,
Florida, as only John Grisham can deliver it.
Dangerous Minds, by Janet Evanovich -
Buddhist monk Wayan Bagus lost his island of solitude and wants to get it back. It had
a mountain, beaches, a rain forest, and a volcano. And now it's gone.
Brilliant and boyishly charming Emerson Knight likes nothing better than solving an
unsolvable, improbable mystery, and a missing island is better than Christmas morning
in the Knight household.
Together, they will embark on a worldwide investigation that will expose a conspiracy
one hundred years in the making.   
The Silent Corner, by Dean Koontz -
People of talent and accomplishment, people admired and happy and sound of mind,
have been committing suicide in surprising numbers. When Jane seeks to find out
why, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America. Her powerful enemies are
protecting a secret so important - so terrifying - that they will eliminate anyone in their
way. But all their power and viciousness may not be enough to stop a woman they can
never comprehend.
Wired, by Julie Garwood -
FBI agent Liam Scott has a problem: a leak deep within his own department. He needs
the skills of a top-notch hacker to work on a highly sensitive project: to secretly break
into the FBI servers and find the traitor. But he can't use one of his own. He finds the
perfect candidate in Allison, only she turns him down flat. But Liam will do nearly
anything to persuade her to join his team, even break a few rules. A temptation that
could put his job - and both of their futures - on the line.