Wild Card, by Stuart Woods -
Stone Barrington and his latest paramour are
enjoying a peaceful country retreat when their idyll
is broken by an unwelcome stranger. He was sent
by an enemy, only it's too clear that Stone is not
an easy man to target. But with boundless
resources and a thirst for vengeance, this foe will
not be deterred. Stone will need to muster all his
savvy and daring to defeat this rival once and for
Deep Harbor, by Fern Michaels -
As an administrative assistant to powerful congressman Snapper Lewis, CJ Jansen has
immersed herself in the exciting and often tumultuous world of politics. But suddenly the
career that anchors her life is threatened. CJ stumbles upon information that could
implicate her boss in corruption. When the congressman dies of an apparent suicide, CJ
wonders if she's also in jeopardy. Moving to a small town for her own protection, CJ
gradually begins to engage in her new surroundings. But before she can claim
happiness, she must navigate a course through all her doubts and fears, and trust that
this time the water that took so much from her might just lead her safely home.
The Fifth Doctrine, by Karen Robards -
An intelligence operation is already under way in North Korea, one that's poised to end
the country's existing tyrannical regime for good. But first, the US need one of their own
to go undercover as the female hacker who recently stole top secret intel from NORAD.
Enter Bianca. After everything she's seen, Bianca knows feeding fake information
directly into the belly of the beast is about as dangerous as it gets. But is might also
ignite the kind of chaos that forces a revolution. It might just change the world. Besides,
if Bianca has to go down, she's gonna go down swinging...
The Cornwalls Are Gone, by James Patterson-
In her acreer as an Army intelligence officer, Amy Cornwall has been haunting sights
half a world away. Nothing compares to the chilling scene at her Virginia home. It's
empty. A phone rings with a terrifying ultimatum: locate and liberate an unnamed
captive in forty-eight hours, or her kidnapped family are dead. Now, in open defiance
of Army Command, Amy must employ every lethal tactic she has to save them. To
succeed, she must discover not only who dispatched her on this mission, but why.
Crown Jewel, by Christopher Reich -
Monte Carlo's lavish casinos have become the target of a sophisticated and brutal
tea,of professional gamblers. Who  better to connect the crimes and foil a daringly
brilliant plot than Simon Riske, freelance industrial spy? Riske - part Bond, part
Reacher - knows Monte Carlo well: it's where he was once a thrill-seeking thief himself,
robbing armored trucks and leading police on dangerous car chases across the Cote
d'Azur, until he was double-crossed, served his time, and graduated as an investment
genius from the Sorbonne. Now Riske is a man who solves problems. From the
baccarat tables of Europe's finest casinos to the superyachts moored in Monaco's
Port Hercule, Riske will do what he does best: get in over his head, throw himself into
danger, and find a way to outmaneuver villains of every stripe.